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In the land of wine and cheese

Cheese trayIn its simplest terms, cheese is made by converting liquid milk into a solid or semi-sold state.

Of course, nothing is simple in the world of fermented products like cheese – or wine or bread. Dozens of variables, from source materials to processing to aging, are involved. There are hundreds of types of cheeses produced around the world, many of them made with traditional methods handed down for hundreds or even thousands of years.

For most of those years, cheese has been paired with wine. Some of the world’s most-famous combinations are the result of that long history, and some of the best are the result of the overlap between winemaking and cheese-making regions around the world.

As in the case of most food-and-wine pairings, there are some that are train wrecks, there are some that work pretty well and there are some that will give you the fireworks-in-your-mouth effect that makes eating and drinking worthwhile.

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