Winery U turns 10

Logo for Winery U at Dry Comal Crek VineyardsThe year 2017 will mark the 10th year for the Winery U wine classes at Dry Comal Creek Vineyards, so to change things up a little, all the classes will have a theme of 10.

They still will include lots of info, as well as wine tastings, but the approach and the content will be new. Here’s the rundown, with registration opening soon at the Dry Comal Creek website.

Jan. 21: The 10 insider tips every wine lover should know

There aren’t any secret handshakes or coded passwords to learn, but there are some secrets, some history and some well-established principles that can enhance every glass and every bottle, no matter what your level of vinous experience.

Feb. 11: 10 wine and cheese pairings that will shock and amaze

As far back as grapes have been fermented and milk has been solidified, the two wonders of nature have been a match. You’ll learn the concepts of getting wine and cheese to make beautiful music together and learn to appreciate the huge variety of both.

March 4: The 10 things you should learn in every tasting room

Texans are blessed with an abundance of wineries and tasting rooms within a short drive of home. And while getting to sample wines is great, your experience can be even more rewarding if you know what kinds of things to ask about when you step up to the bar.

April 1: 10 things you can learn about wine without opening the bottle

Wine has a language of their own – one that often looks like a foreign language. But with some basic knowledge, you can find out a lot about what’s inside a bottle by looking at the outside.

May 6: 10 food and wine pairings that will knock your socks off

Matching food and wine doesn’t require an advanced degree, just a willingness to follow some simple concepts. You’ll get to taste those concepts in some unexpected ways, as a jumping-off point for developing your own pairings.

June 3: Winemaking in 10 (sometimes easy, sometimes difficult) steps

The basic process of growing grapes and turning them into wine is simple, but the number of variables involved can make your head spin. Learning the process is great if you want to make wine at home – or just appreciate what’s in the bottle even more.

July 8: 10 French wines every wine lover – especially the frugal ones – should try

The French make huge quantities of wine every year, including some of the world’s most expensive bottles. But you don’t need to break the bank to appreciate the huge variety – and the quality – of products from the world’s preeminent winemaking country.

Aug. 19: The 10 most influential people in wine history

Wine has been around for thousands of years, and millions of people have been involved with wine in one way of another. But there are 10 people through the ages who have a made a difference, some in surprising ways.

Sept. 9: A 10-step guide to wine tasting, with no spitting

Using all your senses can enhance the experience of drinking wines in ways you might not expect. You’ll learn the keys to sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, to make every sip a little bot more of heaven.

Oct. 7: 10 Texas wines and the tall tales behind them

Texas is a state full of stories and storytellers, and the Texas wine business is no exception. You will taste some of the state’s best offerings and learn the stories about the wineries and the winemakers that make Texas wines unique.

Nov. 4: How to buy 10 truly amazing wines for less than $10 each

Like winemaking, wine shopping is both a craft and an art. You’ll find out what to look for and where the bargains are when it comes to wines that won’t break the bank.

Dec. 2: 10 accessories every wine lover needs (or needs to get for Christmas)

One of the great joys of wines, besides the drinking, is the accessories. From a wonder of physics to the most basic of tools, find out what every wine lover needs to have around the house – just in time to put them on your wish list.


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